Alternative Approach for Water Treatment by Using Natural Coagulants

Sunita Singh Thakur1,*, Shakti Nair1 and Alka Tiwari2

1Department of Chemistry, Disha Institute of Management and Technology, Raipur-492 101, India

2Department of Chemistry, Government D.B. Girls P.G. College, Raipur-492 001, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


The main purpose of this work is to determine the appropriateness of natural coagulants like Moringa oleifera (seed), Solanum incanum (seed), Acacia catechu (tannin) as an alternative and low-coist purification method in improving of water quality in terms of turbidity, total dissolve solid, pH and chemical oxygen demand. Residual turbidity was decreases up to 3.2 NTU with optimum dosage of 5 mL/L Solanum incanum extracts. Total dissolved solids (TDS) was reduced to 343 mg/L for optimum dose of 4 mL/L of tannin extract, it was observed that pH of pond water decreases with increases of coagulants dose except Acacia catechu (tannin extract). Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of raw water sample was reduced to 31.8 mg/L from initial turbidity 34 mg/L with optimum dose of Moringa oleifera extract. It was concluded that each coagulants has a potential to purify water and coagulant is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic.


Natural coagulants, Tannin, Turbidity, Total dissolved solids, Chemical oxygen demand.

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