Growth, Linear and Non-Linear, Dielectrics, Microhardness, Refractive Index and Laser Damage Threshold Studies on Urea Phosphoric Acid Single Crystal

N. Hema, R. Usha, D. Shalini, V. Revathi Ambika and D. Jayalakshmi*

Department of Physics, Queen Mary’s College (A), Chennai-600 004, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


An organic new non-linear optical urea phosphoric acid single crystal has been grown by slow evaporation technique. The cell parameters of urea phosphoric acid single crystal and crystalline perfection were confirmed by single and high resolution X-ray diffraction analyses. The presence of functional groups was identified by FT-IR spectral analysis. The UV-visible spectral studies showed that the urea phosphoric acid crystal has wide transmission in the entire visible region. The dielectric property of urea phosphoric acid crystal revealed the normal dielectric behaviour. Mechanical strength of urea phosphoric acid crystal was studied. The refractive index of urea phosphoric acid crystal was also measured. The laser damage threshold value of urea phosphoric acid crystal was found by Nd:YAG laser. The photoconductivity studies were taken. The second order non-linear coefficient of the grown crystal was also measured for urea phosphoric acid single crystal.


Synthesis, Solubility, X-ray diffraction, FTIR, UV-visible spectra, Second harmonic generation.

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