Removal of Chromium(III) Ions by Raw and Activated Carbon Derived from Mandarin Peel

Mashael Alshabanat

Department of Chemistry, Science College, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Corresponding author: E-mail :


Removal of chromium(III) ions was investigated using raw mandarin peel and activated carbon derived from it. The percentage removal of Cr3+ ions was studied as a function of initial concentration of the heavy metal solution, pH and separation time. The results showed that the maximum percentage removal of chromium(III) of 67 % at 0.1 × 10-3 mg/L by raw mandarin peel sample and 80 % at 0.025 × 10-3 mg/L by activated carbon sample, 73 % in alkaline media and 60 % in natural media by activated carbon and raw mandarin peel, respectively; and reached to 67 and 81 % after 30 min of separation time by raw mandarin peel and activated carbon, respectively. Further, the observation also showed an acceptable efficiency for the removal of Cr3+ ions by the both adsorbents, particularly by activated carbon when compared to raw mandarin peel sample.


Mandarin peel, Chromium(III) ions, Activated carbon, Adsorbent.

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