Recent Free-Radical Reactions

Maher Khalid* and Shireen Mohammed

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Zakho University, Kurdistan, Zakho, Iraq

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


This review highlights the most recent syntheses of free radical reactions, which included numerous processes (photoredox catalysis free-radical reactions, free-radical cascade processes reactions, Minisci-type free radical alkylation reactions and metal-catalysis free radical reactions). A photoredoxcatalyzed C–H functioning of aromatic heterocyclic utilizing an assortment of various, alkyltrifluoroborates has been mentioned. Utilizing organo-photocatalyst and a moderate oxidant, conditions malleable for functionalizing complex aromatic heterocyclics are outlined to prepare a oriental agent for late-stage derivatization. Radical alkylations of aromatic heterocyclic (Minisci reactions) appear a more direct functionalization of particular, C–H bonds. For the ground mentioned above, alkylation designing using radical have recently risen to significance for the late-stage functionalization of aromatic heterocyclic framework. Therefore, this issue is the primary point of the present survey, which thinks about work from the most recent five years. The work is ordered by the key procedures associated with the synthesis of free-radical reactions, planning to give researchers a simple comprehension of this free radical–reactions-based science and to give bits of knowledge to provide insights for further investigations.


Multicomponent reaction, Free-radical, Cascade processes, Photoredox, Chemoselective, Alkynylation. Minisci reaction.

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