Antioxidant Activity of Piperazine Compounds: A Brief Review

Shaheen Begum*, M.S. Rashida Anjum, G. Poojitha Harisree, N. Sivalakshmi, P. Priyanka and K. Bharathi

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati-517502, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


Piperazine ring is found in several potent antioxidant molecules. Literature survey revealed that the piperazine ring has been coupled to different heterocyclic rings such as quinoline, pyridine, pyrazine, azole, 1,3,4-oxadiazole, 1,4-benzodioxane, pyrrolidinone, benzimidazole, pyrazine benzimidazole to obtain compounds with good antioxidant activity. It is found that the natural compounds like α-lipoic acid, methylxanthine, berberine, sarsasapogenin, chrysin, chromen-4-one, co-enzyme Q when attached to piperazine ring, antioxidant activity was improved. In the present article, piperazine containing antioxidant molecules were reviewed.


Piperazine, Antioxidant, Free radical scavenging.

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