Supported Transition Metal Catalysts for Organic Fine Chemical Synthesis: A Review

Rajib Mistri*, and Bidyapati Kumar

Department of Chemistry, Achhruram Memorial College, Jhalda, Purulia-723202, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


Transition metal catalysts play an important role for synthesis of industrially and laboratory important organic fine chemicals to control the selectivity, activity and stability. In this review, we focus on mainly transition metal based supported catalyst, mainly oxide supported catalyst for heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation and oxidation of some synthetically important organic molecules. First we discuss the industrially important catalytic organic synthetic reactions. This is followed by the role of supported metal catalysts in the heterogeneous synthetic catalytic reactions with specific attention to hydrogenation and oxidation of organic molecules. The role of base metals and noble metals in monometallic and bimetallic catalysts are then discussed. Some synthetic routes for preparation of oxide supported metal catalysts are also discussed. Finally, a general discussion of the metal-support interaction (MSI) in oxide supported metal catalysts is made.


Heterogeneous catalyst, Transition metal, Oxidation, Hydrogenation, Important organic molecules.

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